10 Best Extreme Adventure Sports to do in DUBAI

Dubai can no more be called as only a major oil producing place with all the recent development, Dubai has become a major business hub. The government of Dubai has stressed on improvement an establishing Dubai as a major tourist place having different adventurous things to do. Now lets us find out more about the destinations in Dubai.



One of the most popular and adventurous activities that visitors may do in Dubai is Dune bashing or Dubai desert safari. You can have an experience of your life in a land cruiser. An especially skilled driver takes you for the ride. The land cruiser goes up to sand dunes and takes a jump from there. The similar kind of experience happens one after again. At times car gets tilted to about 40 degrees. A 45 minutes ride from one dune to another on a natural thrill ride makes it even better experience to remember. You can choose your pick up a point that is comfortable for you.



With the help of Scuba Diving, we get much closer to the marine life hidden undersea. Not only 65000 animals breathe under the water level that is amazing to see but the plants which grow underwater are also picturesque in Scuba Diving. You would be able to witness these animals in there natural habitat. There are different diving levels that you have to select from 18 meters, 30 meters, and advanced level. Though the price is almost the same, it is all about how good you are in underwater. You will always be accompanied by a specialist who are professionals in this.



The Gravity Zone in Dubai will let you know what Sir Isaac Newton discovered in 1600; what gravity is exactly. Bungee Jumping will let you feel what exactly it feels falling freely from the top. You feel nervous, excited, afraid and mesmerized one at the same time. Gravity Zone is only the single place in the Middle East where you would be able to enjoy the event. Gravity Zone provides this service in collaboration with UK Bungee Club. The person who wants to jump should be a minimum of 14+ years of age and he/she should not be more than 140kg.



Flyboarding was introduced in Dubai in 2015 since then it has become a major water sport in Dubai. It promises to be the most adventurous activity or water sport in Dubai. A powerful water-jet board attached to your feet, take to the waters and let the force of the jet help you soar into the sky. The pressure of water is controlled by the throttle. There are few precautions that have to be taken care of the person going for Fly Boarding should be of minimum 12+ years of age, not alcoholic etc. If you are a fan of such activities then you must give it a try, it will be a worth of money to spend on.

5. Desert Safari with Quad Biking


Tighten your seatbelts to have an enduring experience of Desert Safari with Quad Biking. Security of passengers are taken care of all the vehicles used are equipped with roll cage as a security measure. Only especially skilled drivers are allowed to drive these vehicles. During your journey of desert safari you can enjoy other activities like camel riding, Buggy Safari, Night Safari, Falconry and Sand BoardingQuad biking is another thrilling experience that you have at the same time. It is like an open bike which can easily travel on sand. You can enjoy traditional belly dancing, with some picture perfect destinations to click images.



We are well aware of the fact that how adventurous is skydiving activity is, but the people who feel that it is unsafe for them here is another option for them to have similar kind of experience and that is Indoor Skydiving. ‘I Fly Dubai’ is the place where you can have indoor skydiving experience without jumping from a plane flying at high speed and great height. We all know there are many people around us who have fear of height and speed. This comes to them as a blessing in disguise.



Ice Land Water Park is the UAE largest water park situated in Ras Al Khaimah. The park is spread over an area of 103,000 meters. It is the largest water park in UAE. It is an hour journey from Dubai. So now get ready to chill your self in warm and sunny temperature of Dubai. There are more than 30 slides in the water park which is enough for family & friends. Apart from slides, there is a huge pool, cabanas, wave pool, a beautiful beach and an Olympic sized water pool.



Zipline of Dubai is the largest zip line in the urban area. A zipline starting from 42nd  floor of Amwaj Tower in Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) down to the terrace of Marina Mall. Traveling a distance of 1 kilometer through a cable wire connected from JBR to Marina Mall. About 170 meters high, the person hanging through all safety wires the person zips around at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. The Zipline is made for the people who are not willing to go for extreme adventures like Bungee Jumping but it still makes you feel anxious & jittery.



One of the famous activities in Dubai to do is Jet Skiing. Jet Ski is basically a personal water craft which you can hire to ride along the coastal areas of Dubai. It is a kind of water bike which passes through at high speed. The best part of Jet Ski is its speed which is on average of 75-80 miles per hour. Taking sharp turns at that speed makes it adventurous activity. Due to this a number of water sports companies or the Jet Ski providers have increased by the day passes.



Snorkeling is basically swimming just under so that you just need equipment known as snorkel. The equipment allows you to breath easily under water as the pipe attached and the eyes are well covered by mask to have a nice view of life under the water. Snorkeling is not deep diving. The best time to snorkeling is just in the morning so that water does not get hot. So this will allow you to swim as much as possible and explore the unknown world as much as you like. Try out being an aquatic animal and see what you can find.

Dubai has lot to offer for people whose blood pumps for adventurous activities. Dubai is a place which has many sporting options for you. These activities are well organized so that the costumers do not have any problem.

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